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Brandon J. Gibson is an arts administrator and multi-disciplinary creative based in East Tennessee. He is a classically trained dramatic baritone and regularly performs roles in both operas and musicals. He also sings for church services, weddings, and special events and has collaborated with musicians from other genres like jazz, blues, funk, and hip hop on various projects. In addition to his work as a vocalist, he is also a stage actor, a narrator for documentaries, writer and essayist, librettist, and master of ceremonies for concerts, festivals, and fundraisers. Gibson currently serves as Managing Director for Marble City Opera, a Knoxville-based chamber opera company specializing in performing new and traditional operatic works in non-conventional ways and site-specific venues. The original libretto he penned for the opera "I Can't Breathe" will have its world premiere with Marble City Opera in February 2022. Later productions to follow will be produced by Opera Columbus, Cleveland Opera Theatre, and Pacific Opera Project.

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I narrated each of the 5 documentaries linked in the above YouTube playlist:

  • Beauford Delaney (produced by: Black in Appalachia)

  • Unity Ride (2017)

  • 8th of August: Tennessee's Celebration of Emancipation (produced by: East Tennessee PBS)

  • Eastern KY Social Club (produced by: Black in Appalachia)

  • Knoxville's Red Summer: The Riot of 1919 (produced by: Black in Appalachia)


Substantial richness and substance...

“Singing the role of the beleaguered Delaney was baritone Brandon J. Gibson, a singer possessing an instrument of substantial richness and substance.”

Arts Knoxville

Beautifully resonant...

"In Moving Up in the World, Gibson’s beautifully resonant bass-baritone and natural stage presence brought life to an elevator operator in the building dealing with the downsides of life, yet with the ever presence of hope."

The Knoxville Mercury

Isaac Hayes-like baritone...

"The plant is not merely good-looking it boasts in Brandon Gibson a voice that is anything but weedy. Gibson, invisible though he is, commands the stage with a richly comedic Issac Hayes-like baritone."


Metro Pulse

Most profound sound...

"...Joe Aiken is played by Brandon Gibson. [...] Gibson has a most profound sound and his "Old Black Joe" will compare favorably with any previous singers. It brings the second act overture to a heartfelt conclusion."


The Kentucky Standard

Robustly sung...

“King Melchior, robustly sung by Brandon Gibson, confidently sings that the child-king they are going to visit doesn’t need the gold anyway because he is going to build his kingdom with love.”

Knox TN Today

Cocky mellifluousness...

"Some of the evening's most arresting moments come from the splendid-looking Brandon Gibson, who, as Christmas Present, gives a powerful performance of cocky mellifluousness."

Metro Pulse

Rich Baritone...

"Brandon Gibson's rich baritone voice rose above the chirping birds on a warm summer morning."

The Knoxville News Sentinel

Skilled Actor...

“Brandon J. Gibson was a fantastic Beauford Delaney. His voice perfectly captures a creative and passionate man who’s also haunted by circumstances outside of his control. Since that voice carries the show throughout, it’s all the better that it comes from such a skilled actor.”

The Daily Beacon