Substantial richness and substance...


“Singing the role of the beleaguered Delaney was baritone Brandon J. Gibson, a singer possessing an instrument of substantial richness and substance.”

-Arts Knoxville

Beautifully resonant...


"In Moving Up in the World, Gibson’s beautifully resonant bass-baritone and natural stage presence brought life to an elevator operator in the building dealing with the downsides of life, yet with the ever presence of hope."

-The Knoxville Mercury

Isaac Hayes-like baritone...


​"The plant is not merely good-looking it boasts in Brandon Gibson a voice that is anything but weedy. Gibson, invisible though he is, commands the stage with a richly comedic Issac Hayes-like baritone."


-Metro Pulse

Most profound sound...


"...Joe Aiken is played by Brandon Gibson. [...] Gibson has a most profound sound and his "Old Black Joe" will compare favorably with any previous singers. It brings the second act overture to a heartfelt conclusion."


-The Kentucky Standard

Robustly sung...


“King Melchior, robustly sung by Brandon Gibson, confidently sings that the child-king they are going to visit doesn’t need the gold anyway because he is going to build his kingdom with love.”

-Knox TN Today

Cocky mellifluousness...


"Some of the evening's most arresting moments come from the splendid-looking Brandon Gibson, who, as Christmas Present, gives a powerful performance of cocky mellifluousness."

-Metro Pulse

Rich Baritone...


"Brandon Gibson's rich baritone voice rose above the chirping birds on a warm summer morning."

-The Knoxville News Sentinel

Skilled Actor...


“Brandon J. Gibson was a fantastic Beauford Delaney. His voice perfectly captures a creative and passionate man who’s also haunted by circumstances outside of his control. Since that voice carries the show throughout, it’s all the better that it comes from such a skilled actor.”

-The Daily Beacon


Brandon J. Gibson as "Beauford Delaney"

-Shadowlight (Marble City Opera)

Brandon J. Gibson-Ragtime.jpeg

Brandon J. Gibson as "Booker T. Washington"

-Ragtime (The WordPlayers)


Brandon J. Gibson as "The Mysterious Man/Narrator"

-Into the Woods (Caritas Players)