Black in Appalachia & East Tennessee PBS present a short biography of the Knoxville-born artist Beauford Delaney.

Narrator: Brandon J. Gibson

"A Night at the Museum of East Tennessee History 2021"

Introduction (0:00-1:00) narration provided by: Brandon J. Gibson

Black in Appalachia details the history of the establishment of coal camps & towns in the Eastern Kentucky coal fields & the in migration of African American laborers to the Mountain.


With interviews from current & former residents of the region & scholars Philip J, Obermiller, Tom Wagner & Karida Brown, we follow the stories of these Black families through day-to-day life, out migration & the founding of the Eastern Kentucky Social Club.


Founded in 1969, the EKSC is perhaps one of the longest standing African American organizations dedicated to solely social purposes.

Narrator: Brandon J. Gibson

The Unity Ride shows how two men, from two different backgrounds and two opposing political leanings, explored the pursuit of freedom and became friends. They learned what was, what is, and what could be. 

The documentary is about owning the middle lane, accepting each other as equals and going forward together.

The documentary film follows cyclists Jonathan Williams and Andre Block, who embarked on a 2,700-mile journey from New Orleans to Toronto to trace the path of the Underground Railroad. 

Narrator: Brandon J. Gibson

An original East Tennessee PBS production In 1863, Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation didn't apply to the state of Tennessee.


Nevertheless, then-Military governor Andrew Johnson freed his own slaves on the 8th of August, 1863. This event would set off a century and half of freedom celebrations still celebrated today.

Narrator: Brandon J. Gibson

KNOXVILLE'S RED SUMMER: THE RIOT OF 1919 chronicles the unrest that occurred in Knoxville following the murder of Bertie Lindsey and the attempted lynching of the accused, Maurice Mays.

Narrator: Brandon J. Gibson

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Black in Appalachia-Podcast | 10/22/2021

It's the Halloween episode of the Black in Appalachia podcast. Enkeshi & Pumpkin dig into truly macabre tales of Black labor in the coalfields of West Virginia and specifically the digging of Hawk's Nest Tunnel in Nicholas County. Featuring photojournalist Raymond Thompson Jr. and his work to uncover this protracted tragedy.

Narrator: Brandon J. Gibson